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88 Congee

Address: Blk 127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh #02-29 Singapore 310127

Time: (Tuesday - Friday) 6.30am - 8pm, (Saturday & Public Holidays) 6.30am - 4pm, (Sunday) 6.30am - 2pm, Closed on Monday

Specialty: Hong Kong Style Congee, Mee Sua, Yusheng

In-Charge: Jennifer Koh / Chef Au

Contact: 94752678



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About 88 Congee

"88 Congee" specialized in Hong Kong style congee whereby the congee is relatively thick. The congee is cooked by special soup so that it can absorb the essence of the soup and taste better. In order to provide high-quality food to customers, we stir the big pot of congee manually and constantly until it becomes paste. Dough fritter is fried on spot when you order a bowl of congee. The hot congee with crispy fritter will definitely give you a memorable experience. The texture of congee is perfect and taste is just nice, you got to try it for yourself. "Meat Ball & Intestine Congee" is highly recommended. The meat ball is homemade and the intestine uses 5 kinds of herbs to stew. "Frog Leg Congee" uses fresh frog legs instead of frozen frog legs. Also, customers can mix the ingredients with their choice of congee, yee mee or mee suah.

Chef Au's Background:-

1985 to 1990 - Worked in Westin Hotel as head chef.

1990 to 1992 - Worked in Raffles Hotel as head chef.

1992 to 1994 - Worked in Hong Kong's Shangri-La Hotel.

1994 to 2002 - Worked in Raffles Marina as head chef.

Feb 2005 till now - Head chef in "88 Congee".

Award Recommendation
Green Book Best Food Awards 2013, 2014
Singapore Food Map
The Popular Foodguide @ Singapore (Golden Triangle 2008)
Singapore Food Festival
Shin Min Daily News
Heartland Getaways
Singapore Today
The New Paper
Gourmets' Pick
Food Directory
Money Savers
My Paper
Build Up

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Date Name / Occupation Reviews
14 Oct 2006 Mr Jeremy Kok / Civil Service

After trying the porridge and raw fish, only one word! Best in Singapore. Good and high grade ingredients used and cooked with 5 Star Hotel standard. So what are you gourmet lovers waiting for?

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3 Oct 2006 Ms Kerine Gan / IT Marketing Manager

For those congee lovers :) should try Congee88. Fresh ingredients and delicious… . U will want to eat more after trying… yummy… . Low fat and healthy meal… . Highly recommended!

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24 Feb 2006 Mr Wong / Editor

This stall sells Hong Kong style porridge and they have lots of variety to choose from. The unique part is you can choose any ingredients you want to mix and the owner will cook for you. Really a “CUSTOMER’S CHOICE”!!! The porridge is nice and delicious, the taste suits my taste bud well. I like the you tiao… when you dip into the hot porridge… bite on it and you feel… . Try it and you will know what I meant. Well done, keep it up!!!

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