The Advancement of Technology

Enter the new millennium where we look forward and search the latest gadgets in information technology (IT). This search has undoubtedly become our tool survival in this knowledge-hungry economy. Take for example in Singapore Kindergartens, we can see children get to know computer, and retirees also searching for information from the internet. Henceforth, we can see that the advancement of technologies not only provide convenient services, it also becomes an integral part of our lives.

The Process of Searching Best Food

We all know that Singaporean loves to eat and myself am a food lover. Ever since the media has non-stop introducing local best food, I and other food lovers will go around tasting different food and let myself indulge in the mist of irresistible, mouth watering cuisine, enjoying life !

However, during my quest for best food, I discover that it is not an easy task in hunting all good food. Firstly, best food of all kinds are scattered all over the island. Secondly, I am not fully aware of the food businesses newest location, business hour and off days. It has been many times my visit coincide with outlet’s rest day. Worst, there are times when I reached the place only to discover that the food centre is being renovated. I’m sure other food lovers have the same bad experience too.

The Setting-Up of

To facilitate the local and also the tourist which they can search all local food in an instant, I decided to set up Singapore’s Best Food Online Directory –, hoping this website can provide food-lovers an all-encompassing guide and also to support our local food culture. Hereby, I sincerely wish that all the food businesses and food-lovers can get involved and support our local food culture and together we can push to a greater height, and may all friends over the world can taste our very own “Singapore’s Traditional Food”.

The Mission of

  1. Promote Singapore’s food culture – By gathering all the local food and make it simple for food-lovers to choose and to taste food from all over Singapore.
  2. A stepping stone platform for f&b operators – The listing of f&b information not only let more people know about the f&b; will also increase their exposure. Once their business is stable, they can then setup their own websites.
  3. Promote charitable donations – F&B operators and food lovers can do charitable donations through the website link, to help the less fortunate people in the community group.

How to Choose Best Food

First, you can use the “Award & Recommendation” of the food operator to narrow the scope. In general, the more rewards and recommendations a food operator has achieved, the more popular he is. Next, you can browse the “Reviews”, a place where patrons have commented about the food operator. Finally use the patrons’ “rating” to do the final judge. It is noteworthy that, eating is a very personal issue, you think good does not mean that other people think good, just like some Chinese would not dare to try Indian food, the truth is like that.

The Benefits of

  1. This website will provide food businesses latest location, operating time and off days. This information would avoid fruitless and futile visits, coinciding with food businesses’ rest days and non-operating hours.
  2. Food businesses can announce to food patrons its 3R – Relocation, Renovation and Rest-days. In this ways the food patrons can be kept informed and not being neglected.
  3. Food businesses can generate more food patrons through cost-effective promotions on the web and thereby benefit food patrons too.
  4. Food businesses can use the web to introduce festive food so that food patrons can make advance bookings.
  5. The information on is for food-lovers to access at their convenience at any given time. Moreover, the web is not confined to boundaries physically, therefore opportunity to expand business overseas is higher than just advertise in a local TV channel or any print media.

Opportunities in

Due to our useful and relevant food contents, companies used to call us to work together for the benefits of their clients. In 2003, we provided Singapore’s top restaurants guide to “Essentials – The One Stop Travellers’ Guide To Singapore”. In 2007, we worked with Yellow Pages Singapore for their “Official Singapore Street Directory 2007” (5.94MB in pdf) and also Pocketnews Pte Ltd for their “No 1 Korean-English Lifestyle Magazine, Kozine” (0.98MB in pdf). In 2009, we worked with Singapore’s Directory Search Engine, Rednano (owned by Singapore Press Holdings). In 2010, we worked with Singapore Press Holdings’ Online Classified Portal, ST701. Definitely there are more opportunities to come in the near future… .

The Success of

Ever since this website launched in 2003, we received tremendous good response from food businesses, food lovers as well as the media. Today, can be easily located from many major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Excite, HotBot, Netscape, 7MeatSearch and etc. Simply type in “Singapore Best Food” or “Singapore Food”, and you can locate it within the top 10 positions. In 2007, we participated in Mediacorp TV programme “Buzzing Cashier” as food judges. On 11th April 2010, we were featured in both “The Sunday Times” (home section page 12) and “Shin Min Daily News” (local news section page 7).


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