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Ah Pang Steamboat Seafood

Address: Blk 159 Mei Chin Road, Mei Ling Market & Food Centre #02-21 Singapore 140159

Specialty: Steamboat

About Ah Pang Steamboat Seafood

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17 Feb 2014 Warren Tan

As a food enthuiastic, I’ved heard quite a lot of good review and recommending this popular hawker stall including my colleague. Finally, I took my family of five and visited Ah Pang Seafood Steamboat yesterday, myself n wife, parents and my 3 years old son. From what I know from the staff, the minimum set for 2 to 3 persons is $24, so I asked the waitress wats the standard set for 4, she said $30 and we told her it’s fine for a start. Though it was quite crowded at the time, I was surprised we have our steamboat set up and served approx. in about 10 mins.
As I have seen a critics in regards to their service I was wandering will I be treated the same way cause I am not the kind of (guai guai Singaporean), if so I will definitely not give them face, but instead I was quite surprise by their friendly and prompt service. Nevertheless, it is the food I am more interested in so let me share about it.
Firstly the steamboat set for $30, we’re given 5 set of dishes and a plate of vegetables. The five sets were fish slices set, one set of pork slices, fish maw set, one set of prawns, scallop set. The veggie set is Chinese cabbage mixed with Tang oh veg and 2 eggs. If I want to order extra set, I was told that it will be $6 each. As we are not the fish maw lovers (actually fish maw is quite value for money though), I asked if I can change to others and the reply was I can change it to anything that we want from chicken, fish ball, beef, clams, sea cucumber and many others I couldn’t remember. So finally I choose to change to a set of fish ball for my kid.
To be frank, all the ingredients looks fresh. I tasted the soup before the ingredients were put in and the taste is rich in flavor and yet not salty. It was hard to describe but I also taste sweetness in it but it blends very well altogether. After we put 50% of the ingredients in it and Bravo! The soup suddenly becomes incredibly tasty, like magic. One thing to mentioned about is the steamboat chilli sauce, definitely best choice for chillies enthusiastic, cause it is really spicy, just that I personally felt that it is a bit more sour but my mum loves it.
We spend about 1 and a half hour there enjoying the food and conversation, in between the stove runs out of portable gas and it was noticed by the staff and they got it changed quite fast. The replenishing of soup is quite prompt too.
End of the day, I want to say, I have tried many steamboat in Singapore and Ah Pang steamboat is recently just added to one of the top of my list. Recommended!

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16 Feb 2014 Food Guru

My honest review is Ah Pang Steamboat is seriously good. The food was served in a quite simple and traditional way, no fancy decoration or stuff like that, but wats is most important for food lovers like me only narrows down to 2 things, taste and value which Ah Pang score one of the highest in Singapore. Recommended! Closed on Tue & Wed. Advisable to call for reservation. Tel 64768158.

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