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Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee

Address: 7 Maxwell Road, Amoy Street Food Centre #02-95 Singapore 069111

Time: 5am - 3.30pm

Specialty: Coffee & Tea, Kaya Charcoal Toast Bread

Services: Call & collect service.

In-Charge: William Wong

Contact: 97102907


About Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee

My father took over "Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee" from my grandfather when he was 17 years old. At that time, the coffee stall was located in Lau Pa Sat Festival Market. In 1997, "Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee" moved to the current Amoy Street Food Centre. Since young, he was helping my grandfather to run the coffee stall business, he has learnt the skills and techniques in brewing traditional Hainanese coffee and toasting bread with charcoal. These laid a strong and solid foundation for his future development.

Today, "Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee" is very well-known in Amoy Street. The Japanese magazine, Mangosteen Club has recommended our stall for a few times and tourists from Japan, Europe and America like to patronize our stall as well as our local dignitaries.

We selected the finest coffee beans, grounded into powder and then fried it over. In this way, the fragrant smell of the coffee will release into the atmosphere when brewed. French toast is one of the signature dish. The bread is coated entirely by eggs and toasted with charcoal. It was then served with homemade kaya. The French toast taste yummy and it goes well with the sweet but not greasy kaya. The kaya toast bread is another signature dish that cannot be missed and Singaporeans love it so much. Crispy bread with tasty butter and kaya plus two half-boiled eggs is the best choice for a good starting day.

Award Recommendation
The Popular Foodguide @ Singapore
Mangosteen Club 2000, 2003, 2006
Voices Of Central Singapore
Shin Min Daily News
LianHe WanBao
LianHe ZaoBao

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Date Name / Occupation Reviews
13 Feb 2012 Larry Lai / Technical Manager

The coffee is aromatic and that is how Hainan coffee should taste like. The bread is crispy without being burnt and blend well with the butter that melt in the mouth and goes well with the smooth fragant kaya

26 Dec 2008 Mr Gary Chan / Banker

Coffee was smooth, kaya bread was fantastic. I thank my friend Tim for bringing me there lunch today.

27 Jul 2006 Ms Wendy Wong / Manager

Real authentic Hainanese coffee and kaya toast. A class above those franchised chain like Killiney and Ya Kun.

19 Jun 2006 Ms Madhavi / Corporate Support Officer


14 Jan 2006 Frances Bok / Secretary

Best coffee & kaya toast in town with very friendly service. Hv been patronising this stall aince 1985 at Telok Ayer hawker ctr. A meal is not complete without Ah Seng’s coffee & toast. Highly recommended.

25 Feb 2005 Mdm Virginia Koh / Housewife

We like the charcoal toasted bread. It blends well with a hot cup of authentic hainanese coffee/tea. The french toast is very specially served. It is cut into small pieces and eaten with a toothpick. I like the Kaya best. It is thick and is not so sweet like most kaya are. We highly recommend it! Try it, you will like it too!

22 Feb 2005 Ms Mikee Low / Financial Planner

I like the rich fragrance of the traditional Hainanese coffee. It makes me come back time and again. So far, this is among the best coffee I have tasted. Go and try it !

2 Feb 2005 Mr Jackson Puah / Insurance Adviser

Highly recommended. Cheap and good coffee. Traditional type and taste of enjoyment. Must try otherwise you will regret.

25 Jan 2005 Tan P. G.


Fresh aromatic coffee, strong and not diluted. Friendly and fast service with reasonably priced.

17 Jan 2005 Ms Fang JC / Executive Secretary

I cannot leave the Food Ctr without Ah Seng’s crispy fresh kaya bread with a cup of tea-C!! Coffee taste fabulous. These are the authentic Hainanese delight. Prices are reasonably cheap for all. Highly recommended.

15 Jan 2005 Chan Ying Kai / Student

The traditional toasted bread stick to its old formula and is one of the best in my opinion. The butter is fresh and kaya is thick and tasty. The bread is toasted to crispy precision. The teh-si is thick and has very strong flavour and the coffee is strongly aromatic. Prices are reasonable and affordable too. Service is prompt, courteous and very friendly. =)

15 Jan 2005 Chan Chee Teck / Freelance Consultant

Probably the best coffee and kaya toast in town and at bargain price. The aroma of traditionally brew coffee and specially prepared kaya toast bread (60cents each) offer great value for money.

15 Jan 2005 Regina Fang / Customer Service Manager

Excellent food!! Bread is crispy & tasted right with right amount of kaya and butter. Kaya is not too sweet so gives health non-threatening. Tea is thick & aroma, Beautiful!! Must try otherwise you regret!!!

15 Jan 2005 Andrew Chem / Personal

It is the authentic Hainan coffee / tea N kaya toast. It recalled to old days of traditional taste of enjoyment. Must try for time rewind or regret if you miss.

15 Jan 2005 Lim Choon Sai / Director

Very tasty coffee and tea. Superb kaya taste and very generous in the slices of butter. One of the best toast bread and coffee in town. Highly recommended.

8 Jan 2005 Josephine Tan / Bank Officer

Good coffee @ affordable price. Crispy toast bread but not hard, wobbly eggs cooked just right. Great breakfast since 1990s.

8 Jan 2005 Siah Lye Whatt / Forex Dealer

Thick coffee with pleasant aroma. Fragrant kaya on lightly toasted bread plus wobbly eggs cooked just right. YUM!!

7 Jan 2005 Mr Antony Siah / FX Dealer

Thick coffee with pleasant aroma. Fragrant kaya on lightly toasted bread. Plus wobbly eggs cooked just right. YUM!!

5 Jan 2005 Veronica Choo / System Engineer

It’s the only place I know that has “cum” ie. coffee + tea mix. (In KL, it’s known as “Hai Nam Ca”. The butter in the bread is nice, though the French toast is a bit plain, kaya + butter goes well with it.

4 Jan 2005 Lynica Foo / Vice President

Excellent French toast – kaya is not too sweet, bread is so soft that they melt in your mouth. I like the thick coffee which taste just right to put you up in the morning!

4 Jan 2005 Eddy Tan / Businessman

Very authentic & delicious! Friendly service & reasonable price! French toast is soft & tasty. Kaya is not too sweet and the butter melts nicely in the toast!

22 Dec 2004 Mr Wong / Editor

An Authentic Hainanese coffee stall. When you come in the weekends, you might be able to see Japan tourists ordering their foods as they are well-known there. The coffee and tea are traditional type, thick and tasty. French toast bread taste fantastic with the home-made kaya… kaya toast bread is crispy, using charcoal… and the half boiled eggs definitely make you drooling. This is indeed a wonderful place for your breakfast and tea break. Die die must try!!!

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