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Chen Li Yuan Restaurant

Address: 136 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387584

Time: 11.30am - 2am

Specialty: Chinese Northern Chinese Cuisine, Chinese Sichuan Cuisine, Dim Sum...

Services: No service & GST charges.

In-Charge: Mr He Cai

Contact: 62272551 / 91873519


About Chen Li Yuan Restaurant

"Chen Li Yuan Restaurant" was setup by the Ho couple in December 2005. We used to manage restaurant in Shenyang (the largest city of Liaoning Province in China) selling Northern Chinese cuisines. Both of us are very passionate about food. When we moved to Singapore, we missed our home town food so much that we decided to open a restaurant here and introduce the Northern Chinese and Sichuan cuisines to Singaporeans.

One of the signature dish, the Fried Mao's Spicy Pork was very famous in Northern Chinese. The pork belly was fried with three types of chilli, the red, the green and the dried one. The spicy and delicious taste can really stimulate your appetite, very yummy. Sour Vegetable with Pork was another good dish. The pork belly was stewed with sour cabbage and potato vermicelli, offers aromatic flavour. Other signature dishes are Xinjiang Mutton Ribs in Pot, Special Spicy Diced Chicken... . If you feel that these Northern dishes are too salty and oily, you may request the chef to cut down the salt and oil or you may order the Southern cuisines. Customers who love tim sum must try our famous Steamed Juicy Pork Dumplings. The skin is thin and the stuffing is rich, the juicy fragrance meat will definitely whet your taste buds. Other good snacks are Red Bean Snow Bun, Caramel Sweet Potato... . In general, "Chen Li Yuan Restaurant" offers both aromatic food and reasonable price for Northern and Southern cuisines.

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