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Original Herbal Shop

Address: 414 Balestier Road, Singapore 329806

Time: 11am - 12am

Specialty: Herbal Jelly, Herbal Tea, Dessert...

Services: Free delivery service, minimum order 10 herbal jelly.

In-Charge: Mr Hang

Contact: 62505567 / 96337221


About Original Herbal Shop

"Kwai Leng Guo" is a TOTAL NATURAL dessert originated from China. It is served after every meal in the homes of the wealthy and nobles. The secret recipe, handed down from generations, comprises of 18 different natural herb mixed in precise proportions simmered over slow fire for hours to produce this concoction. "Kwai Leng Guo" works with our digestive system internally, to cleanse toxins off the body and to strengthen the vital organs. Thus, leaving behind a healthy body with a radiant and clear complexion.

"Kwai Leng Guo" (Special Herbal Dessert) Main Healing Properties: Acne, Constipation, Eatiness, Digestive Disorder, Dry Skin Itchiness, Hong Kong Foot, Over-Smoking & Drinking, Soothe & Brighten Eyes.

Award Recommendation
Shin Min Daily News
Food Glorious Food
Channel NewsAsia
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LianHe ZaoBao
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13 Jan 2010 Shirlin / Bank Officer

I’m a frequent customer of this dessert outlet. Would like to recommend all of you to go try it out esp their herbal jelly. I’m a fan of the herbal jelly after trying it once in HK when I was there for holiday years ago. After coming back to Singapore, I tried alot of places and find that only this shop sells the most authentic herbal jelly that taste most like those I had in Hong Kong. It’s not as hard as those tt are machine made and the taste is just right even without putting any honey syrup. Other than that, you should also try the other desserts available. I tried the Snow Frog Jelly and love it too! It looks very clean unlike those I had in restaurants which still has the blackish thingy on it. It tastes wonderful esp in hot weather. Oh ya, go try out other desserts too. You’ll definitely be surprised at how gd it tastes!

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