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I-Chai Food Speciality

Address: 20 Kensington Park Road, Chomp Chomp Food Centre #01-19 Singapore 557269

Time: (Sunday - Thursday) 4.30pm - 12am, (Friday & Saturday) 4.30pm - 1am

Specialty: Fried Fuzhou Oyster Cake, Popiah, Kueh Pie Ti


1) Call & collect service.

2) Delivery service, 1 day advance notice. (East & Central areas) - minimum order $50. (North, South & West areas) - minimum order $100.

3) Supply DIY popiah & kueh pie ti to all kind of celebrity functions with 1 day advance notice.

* DIY Popiah Set @ $88 (Minimum 36 Rolls). * DIY Popiah Half Set @ $48 (Minimum 18 Rolls). * Ingredients include: Handmade popiah skin, cooked turnip with carrot, sweet sauce, fresh minced chilli, minced garlic, egg, krunchy, bean sprout & coriander leaves.

* DIY Kueh Pie Ti Set @ $48. * Ingredients include: 50 pcs handmade kueh pie ti cups, cooked turnip with carrot, sweet sauce, egg, special chilli sauce, krunchy & coriander leaves.

* Handmade Popiah Skin: $20 per kg. * Kueh Pie Ti Cups: $18 per tub of 50 pieces.

4) Franchising service.

In-Charge: Christopher Lee

Contact: 96808161


About I-Chai Food Speciality

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City Hawker Food Hunt Awards 2015
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Date Name / Occupation Reviews
18 Jul 2013 Mr Wong / Editor

今天品尝了“艺佳小食”的福州蚝饼以及日式章鱼薄饼。福州蚝饼的确很好吃,一大口咬下去,你会感觉到馅料很丰富,很新鲜,很有口感,味道一级棒!日式章鱼薄饼一样不会让人失望,同样是丰富的馅料,甜度、咸度刚刚好,想必摊主事先一定经历过无数次的尝试… 。“艺佳小食”的确是新加坡少数会创新的食摊,它总是会给顾客一种意外的惊喜,其手艺、厨艺乃最棒!!!

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4 Nov 2006 Melody

Yes, it was very tasty and the wasabi had such a fresh fragrance to it. It didn’t overpower the taste of the popiah. It was a yummy and good blend : ) thank you!

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17 Oct 2006 Mr Wong / Editor

Great IDEA by putting the Japanese wasabe into our local popiah. Guess what the taste? Does it hot? Not really, you will feel the “HOT” when you first bite onto the popiah. After a while, “HOT” feeling gone and taste of popiah comes. This cycle will repeat when you try another piece. “What a superb feeling!!!”. Come down today and give it a try, die die must recommend, very unique!!!

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20 Sep 2005 Mdm Ng / Housewife

Oyster cake taste good which is not oily as I ever eaten before in other places. Oyster, prawn & pork are very fresh and tasty. Stall owner is friendly too.

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