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Wu Lan Jia Xiang Rojak

Address: Blk 4A Woodlands Centre Road #02-03 Singapore 731004

Time: 12pm - 8pm, Closed on Wednesday

Specialty: Rojak, Popiah

In-Charge: Mr Heng


About Wu Lan Jia Xiang Rojak

"Wu Lan Jia Xiang Rojak" was in business for more than thirty years. My rojak is different from others, it is not so salty but taste good. You can choose the salinity and spiciness according to your taste bud, and I will fry it for you. Customers who enjoy my rojak will usually come back for more.

I believed my popiah is UNIQUE in this island! Most popiah stalls use shrimp paste as the main sauce and their popiah taste sweet. I prefer to use "Shantou Jiyou" instead, and the taste of my popiah is sour with aromatic enjoyment. You must give it a try! "Shantou Jiyou" is more expensive than the shrimp paste. But as health consciousness, I have chosen it because it is more appetizing and relatively good for digestion.

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