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Long & Yean Superior Kway Teow Soup

Address: 121 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427410

Time: 11.15am - 10.45pm

Specialty: Superior Kway Teow Soup, Curry Chicken, Chicken Cutlet Noodle...

In-Charge: Mr Loh

Contact: 97551486


About Long & Yean Superior Kway Teow Soup

"Long & Yean Eating House" is a place that serve wide varieties of cooked food like Superior Kway Teow Soup, Superior Kway Teow Dry, Chicken Cutlet Noodle, Curry Chicken, Curry Chicken Noodle, Sliced Fish Soup, Sliced Fish Porridge and Seafood Soup.

Our main signature dish, Superior Kway Teow Soup is a MUST TRY dish for all foodies. This dish is very famous in Malaysia and Singaporeans often travel all the way into Malaysia to eat because it is not available here... and the GOOD NEWS is, we are the FIRST one to sell in Singapore. This Superior Kway Teow Soup uses a tradition soup base with creative ingredients like Abalone Slices, Prawn, Oyster, Pork Liver, Sliced Meat, Meatball, Minced Meat and many, many goodies. The rich, fresh and fragrant soup is the KEY of this dish... together with the expensive ingredients BUT at an affordable price will definitely satisfy both your taste bud and pocket.

All items in "Long & Yean Eating House" are set at affordable price, ranging from $1.50 (side dish) to $6.50 (main dish)... so that everyone can enjoy a Good Bargain Deal. So remember, Cheap & Good Food can only be found in "Long & Yean Eating House".

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17 May 2014 Mr Wong / Editor

当你走入“龙门燕小吃店”时,你会有种明亮、宽敞、整洁和清凉的感觉。这间座落在如切路的小吃店刚经营粿条汤生意不久,但已经有回头客了。它所售卖的美食有一品粿条汤/干、传统粿条汤/干、鸡排面、咖喱鸡、咖喱鸡面、鱼片汤、鱼片糜和海鲜汤… 其中以一品粿条干和咖喱鸡最受欢迎。

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17 May 2014 Kenny Loh / Foodie

Saw this “Superior Kway Teow Soup” from and went down to try. Not bad, the soup is rich and the ingredients are fresh and tasty… , Heard other customers said their Curry Chicken is good too… will try tis some other days.

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