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Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies

Address: Blk 320 Shunfu Road, Shunfu Mart Food Market Centre #02-26 Singapore 570320

Time: 7.30am - 2pm, Closed on Monday & Tuesday except Public Holidays

Specialty: Abacus, Chee Cheong Fun, Soon Kueh...


1) Catering service for baby full moon.

2) Supply abacus, chee cheong fun, soon kueh... to retails and wholesales.

In-Charge: Stella Toh / Suzanna Toh

Contact: 97932189 / 97990397




Orchard - 2 Orchard Turn, Ion Orchard, #B4-04C Food Opera Food Court, Singapore 238801 Time: 8am – 10pm

About Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies

"Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies" was founded by our mother Mdm Liu Jie Zhen in early 80. At that time, we operated our business in Lakeview hawker centre until year 2000 then shifted to Shunfu Mart Food Market Centre. Now the business is run by three of us, Xiao Ling, Mei Ling and Yan Ling.

Most of the Hakka snacks are homemade. These include Abacus Yam Ball, Mushroom Turnip Dumpling, Glutinous Rice, Yam Porridge, Yam Cake and Chee Cheong Fun with Topping. Abacus Yam Ball and Mushroom Turnip Dumpling are our signature dishes. To make Abacus Yam Ball, you have to rub the cooked yam together with flour into yam dough. Then shape the dough into pieces of round shape, apply fillings and lastly stir fried them. Our fillings incude shrimps, mushrooms, black fungus, dried squid, shallots and fried onion. The taste of the Abacus Yam Ball is fragrant and smooth, die die must try.

Abacus Yam Ball is Hakka Chinese Lunar New Year food. When praying for god's blessing, we will rub the yam dough into round shapes that represent "Count Money Yearly". When the abacus yam balls are piled into a pyramid, it stands for "Higher Promotion". When worship our ancestors, we will rub the yam dough into gold-bar shape, meaning "Wealthy".

Award Recommendation
Makansutra Street Food Award 2008
Green Book Best Food Awards
The Popular Foodguide @ Singapore
Our Makan Places (Lost and Found)
Food Glorious Food
Food Hometown 2
The Straits Times
LianHe WanBao
F&B Intelligence
LianHe ZaoBao
Snack Attack 2
UFM 100.3
City Beat
8 Days
* We participated in Singapore Food Festival 2005 at Parco Bugis Junction.
* We participated in Food World Festival 2005 at Singapore Expo.
* We participated in Chinatown Food Festival 2008, 2009.

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Date Name / Occupation Reviews
6 Oct 2009 Det Lin, Thien / IT Industries

I visited Singapore & went there for meal with my wife on 16th Sep 2009. The foods (abacus yam ball) is good and special. The thing that amazed me besides the foods is that the staffs speak Hakka too. Make me feel like at home.

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7 Feb 2009 Ms Jacqueline / Engineer

The Hakka food is very traditional and extremely delicious! My mum, who is a Hakka, think that the food has a very traditional taste. Thumbs up! I especially like the Yam Porridge, Abacus Yam Ball and the Mushroom Dumpling! It’s a must have!

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8 Dec 2008 Mr Wong

Tasty food and unique in presentation.

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9 Dec 2006 Mr Chen SY / Finance Officer

Your Hakka delicacy products of Yam “Abacus”, soon kueh & glutinous rice are not only tasteful but also of quality standard. Most probably they are among the best that are obtainable in Singapore & your outlet can be acclaimed as a “Hakka” Gourmet Corner.

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31 Jan 2006 Mr Good / Manager

Very special and very nice, will be back again for sure.

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