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F&B Business Profile Services

Asian Catering Services

Blk 11 Kaki Bukit Road 1, Eunos Technolink #05-03

Singapore 415939

In-Charge: Steven Neo / Liza Chua

HP: 91071083 / 91078013     Tel: 64411829

Email: steven@asiancatering.com.sg

Supply halal nasi lemak, mee siam and lontong to all kind of celebration occasions and halal ikan bilis and sambal chili sauce to retail outlets.

China Street Fritters

1 Kadayanallur Street, Maxwell Road Food Centre #01-64

Singapore 069184

In-Charge: Mr Ng Kok Hua

HP: 92396464     Email: ngkokhua_88@hotmail.com

Supply ngoh hiang to food outlets and all kind of celebration occasions.

Choo Chiang Roasted Meat Noodle House

15 Woodlands Loop #04-29 Singapore 738322

In-Charge: Ah Peng

HP: 96353858     Tel: 67595512     Fax: 67591078

Supply roasted golden pig, roasted duck, roasted chicken, roasted meat, char siew & soya sauce chicken to households.

Choon Chuan Food Supply

Blk 1008 Aljunied Avenue 4 #01-25 Singapore 389909

In-Charge: Benson Soh

HP: 92771747     Email: choon_chuan@yahoo.com.sg

Supply yam paste, black sesame paste, almond paste, natural fruit puree and dessert products to hotels, restaurants, caterers, dessert chains, food kiosks etc cum home delivery.

Eastern Rice Dumpling

300 Balestier Road, Singapore 329737

In-Charge: Mr Lim

HP: 90051666 / 97554403 / 81683336

Tel: 63526283     Fax: 63528768     Email: dumplingsg@yahoo.com

Supply nonya and salted rice dumpling.

Glory Catering Pte Ltd

139 East Coast Road, Singapore 428829

In-Charge: Sharon

Tel: 63441749     Fax: 63465764

Supply kaya, chili sauce, beverages & cookies to retailed outlets.

Hui Cui Jing Hua Holding Pte Ltd

Tel: 67433403 / 90619666

Import, wholesale, supply food, oil and seasonings.
(For example: rice, cooking oil, flour, MSG, salt, sugar, chicken essence, chili sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, mustard, vegetarian food, kelp, hot pot ingredients, chilli powder, pepper, peanuts, mushrooms, herbs, beer, drinks, and so on.)

I-Chai Food Speciality

20 Kensington Park Road, Chomp Chomp Food Centre #01-19

Singapore 557269

In-Charge: Christopher Lee

HP: 96808161

Supply DIY popiah & kueh pie ti to all kind of celebration occasions.

Kwong Satay

549 Geylang Road, Singapore 389504

In-Charge: Mr Sim

HP: 97552771

Supply fresh satay in pork, chicken, mutton, beef, ketupat and otah to food sellers, restaurants and all kind of celebration occasions.

Lim Hai Sheng Cooked Food

Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 #01-09 Singapore 560724

In-Charge: Jenny Lim

HP: 90035259

Supply carrot cake to food sellers, e.g. fried carrot cake food stall etc.

Lim Luan Seng Foods Industries Pte Ltd

Blk 26 Defu Lane 10 #01-178 Singapore 539207

Tel: 62830022     Fax: 62843996     Email: otah@limluanseng.com

Supply otah, fishball, nasi lemak and satay island-wide to schools, community centres, coffee shops, pasar malams, food courts, food centres, retail outlets, confectioneries, food processors, restaurants, hotels as well as homes.

Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies

Blk 320 Shunfu Road, Shunfu Mart #02-26 Singapore 570320

In-Charge: Stella Toh / Suzanna Toh

HP: 97932189 / 97990397     Email: stellath@singnet.com.sg

Supply Hakka foods, e.g. abacus yam ball, mushroom turnip dumpling, yam cake etc to retailers and wholesalers.


Blk 497 Jurong West Street 41 #01-02 Singapore 640497

In-Charge: Albert Kwok

HP: 96565689     Email: noblebeans@gmail.com

Supply fresh hot / cold soya milk & beancurd, original chilled or flavoured beancurd to all food retailers, cafeteria, canteens. We also deliver to events, school carnivals, seminars, workshops & all kinds of celebration.

Old Punggol Satay

Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-52 Singapore 150120

In-Charge: Ah Guan / Angela

HP: 96770074 / 98243730

Supply raw & cooked satay in pork, chicken and mutton to party, BBQ and all kind of celebration occasions.

Otah Boy Famous Muar Otah

391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Level B2-7-7-1, Food Village @ Takashimaya, Singapore 238872

In-Charge: Sean Soh

HP: 91059335     Tel: 64007458     Email: sean@otahboy.com

Supply otah, otah bun, otah toast, otah kueh pie tee, nasi lemak and satay to office parties, tea receptions, home parties and retailers.

Poh Cheu Handmade Soon Kway Ang Ku Kway

Blk 127 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-230 Singapore 150127

In-Charge: Mdm Lim

Tel: 62762287

Supply soon kueh, ang ku kueh to all kind of celebration occasions.

Richie’s Crispy Puff Cafe

Blk 349 Jurong East Avenue 1 #01-1201 Singapore 600349

In-Charge: Aaron Ye

HP: 90091712     Tel: 63455225     Email: richiespuff@gmail.com

Supply frozen puffs to bubble tea stall, western food stall, coffee shop, canteen, cafeteria and take-away shop. Supply fried crispy puffs, banana fritters and handmade ping pong fishballs to baby full month party, birthday party, seminars and all kind of celebration occasions. We also supply crispy banana flour.

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

11 New Bridge Road #01-01 Singapore 059383

In-Charge: Mr Yeo Hart Pong

HP: 98562462     Email: hartpong@yahoo.com.sg

Supply homemade Teochew bak kut teh spices to all provision shops.

Taiwan Chicken Chop

500 Dover Road, Singapore Polytechnic Food Court 4,

Koufu Food Court Stall 6, Singapore 139651

In-Charge: Emily Chen

HP: 83996598     Email: shan_da2004@yahoo.com.sg

Supply marinated Taiwanese finger foods to all food retailers.

Tam Kah Shark’s Fin Trading

Blk 1008 Aljunied Avenue 4 #01-31 Singapore 389909

HP: 98583585     Tel / Fax: 67497465

Email: tamkah@starhub.net.sg

Supply shark’s fin, abalone, bird nest, fish maw, sea cucumber and… to all retailers and restaurants.

The Baba Curry Puff Cafe

Blk 137 Potong Pasir Avenue 3 #01-144 Singapore 350137

Tel: 62881355     Email: babacurrypuff@gmail.com

Supply frozen puffs to bubble tea stall, western food stall, coffee shop, canteen, cafeteria and take-away shop.

Tong Xin Supplies Trading

Blk 162 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4, Mayflower Market

& Food Centre #01-16 / 17 Singapore 560162

In-Charge: Mrs Quek

HP: 90929028

Supply agar agar powder, ice jelly powder, konnyaku powder, gelatine powder, acid powder, essential oils and food colours. We also teach the production of DIY Cold Beancurd Pudding steps for household as well as commercial.

Xi De Li

Blk 448 Clementi Avenue 3, Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre

#01-39 Singapore 120448

Tel: 67499018     Email: adriankoh@xideli.com.sg

Supply premixed ingredients to existing food establishments, local or overseas.

Yong Kee Famous Fishball Noodle

Blk 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre

#01-121 Singapore 150006

In-Charge: Mr Lim

Tel: 62703956

Supply fresh fishballs to all kind of celebration occasions.

You Tiao Man

Blk 127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh #02-05 Singapore 310127

In-Charge: Mr Yew

HP: 90216528

Supply dough fritter to food stalls like rojak, congee, dessert, cze cha, pork ribs soup and etc.

Yum Yum Food Management

Blk 3017 Bedok North Street 5 #01-34 Gourmet East Kitchen,

Singapore 486121

In-Charge: Ms Ang

HP: 96206019     Email: angguatling@yahoo.com

Supply raw & cooked yong tau foo, fishball, fishcake, seafood tofu, cheese tofu, mixed veg ball, sotong ball and etc.

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