Food & Health

Food and Health

Food, is so important to all of us as it can satisfy our hungry stomach. However, in this modern times, we not only need food to satisfy our hunger but also to fulfill our drooling tongue. From the different food, different ways of cooking, different ingredients used, we can learn and understand the different custom and food culture behind different races of people. Modern days people are always irresistible to good, delicious and tasty food, same goes to Singaporeans. They will go all the way to try it, to feel it, to find out what’s the mystery secret behind. Why is it so delicious and why is it so attractive? Once the taste suits them, they will continue and support forever. In order to fulfill their appetite, they do not care if the food is too sweet, too salty, too oily, too much MSG, too heaty, etc. As long as the food can satisfy them now, they would usually eat first, health conscious talk later. This eventually lead to health problems shown in later stage of their life.

You can have wonderful food, but don’t get into Health Problems

The Importance of Health

The greatest wealth is health. With a good health, we can have everything in our life. Healthy body can protect us against bacteria and viruses; helping us to stay away from disease. As a result, we have more energy and time to fulfill our dreams and to enrich our own lifestyle. On the other hand, if we loss our health, disease can attack us easily and ended up suffering all kinds of sickness. Eventually we lost wealth, ideals and freedoms.

The greatest Wealth is Health

The Secrets of Health

Healthy body is not formed overnight, it relies on our perseverance and determination. To achieve good health, the best way is to stay away from diseases, and away from diseases, the effective way is prevention. Prevention, not treatment, is always the key to good health. Let us now take a look at the four elements that are closely linked to a healthy lifestyle:-

1) Healthy Diet – Healthy eating is selecting a balanced diet that is high in fiber and low in fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt. Everyday, our body’s cells need the right, balanced and adequate nutrition in order to function properly.

2) Emotion Stability – If we were in the state of long-term stress, anger and tense, our body will secrete a harmful hormone, which will destroy our immune system and hence reduce our resistance to disease. So, every day maintaining a happy mood is of crucial importance.

3) Sufficient Sleep – Adequate sleep allows our cells to perform better in repairing, renewing and metabolism.

4) Suitable Exercise – A 30 minutes brisk walk, 3 times a week is good for us. Exercise can promote blood circulation, metabolism, strengthen immunity, reduce fat, and also ease our mood… .

After understanding the importance of these four health elements, we the modern days people, while busy looking for a living and entertainment, should always avoid junk foods, agitated mind, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise.

The 4 Health Elements – Diet, Mood, Sleep & Exercise

Healthy Meals

If you wish to cook healthy meals, click on the following websites to learn more.

BBC Food Diets

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Spark Recipes

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