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89 Zion Road Siang Hee Seafood

Address: 49A Serangoon Garden Way, Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre #01-20 Singapore 555945 (Formerly at Blk 89 Zion Road)

Time: 11.30am - 10.30pm, Closed on Alternate Tuesday

Specialty: Seafood Cze Cha, Crab Specialty, Assam Fish Head...

In-Charge: Ah Yoke

Contact: 97364067


About 89 Zion Road Siang Hee Seafood

Ah Yoke, myself is a friendly lady boss and has lots of supporters especially the taxi drivers. Most of my customers like to patronize my stall because the foods are economic and delicious. I like to create new food and often receive good comments from the media. Recently, my "Deep Fried Pork Knuckle", "Butter Cream Prawns with Pumpkin Sauce" and "Luohanguo Tasty Pork" were recommended by Mediacorp TV programe, the "Sizzling Wok". So, you guys really got to come down and try. Lastly, I would like to thanks all my customers for your continuous support!
Award Recommendation
Singapore 100 Special Commendation 2008
Encounter of the Kings
Makansutra 2009
Singpore Today
Yummy King
Live To Eat
Our Makan Places (Lost and Found 4)
MediaCorp Channel 5, 8 & U News
Thw Wall Street Journal
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The Business Times
The Sunday Times
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Date Name / Occupation Reviews
5 May 2008 Ms Sandra / Receptionist

Have not tried the ala carte items yet but has always had the fried beehoon and stuffs like the… lady boss is quick in cooking and surprisingly the food is very fresh and tasty!!!

19 Mar 2008 Mr Ah Wang

All the food is like 5 star hotel, but you only pay normal price. One of the food I most like to eat is “Pai Ku Wang”… Yummy!!!

19 Feb 2008 Mr Edmund Ong / Assistant IT Consultant

Very special dishes. Best tried so far. Delicious and cheap!!

19 Feb 2008 Ms Jennifer Liew & Don Chai / Finance Manager & IT Engineer

It is so tasty and yummy, especially the “Deep Fried Pork Knuckle”, it is emperor class dish. I have tested all dishes that cooked by Yoke-Jie and all are 5 stars foods. YOU WILL REGRET IF NEVER TRY HER DISHES!!!

25 Apr 2007 Mr Jack Neo / Army Officer

Come and try the new “Coffee Pork Rib w Honey”, you will definitely like it. The taste is not bitter at all, crispy pork rib, good taste and yummy… .

25 Sep 2006 Ms Amy

Good food and service.

16 Jul 2006 Mr Bay

Mongolia Pork, Assam Fish, Pork Knuckles, Tofu are fantastic. Excellent service and friendly boss. Definitely worth trying!

12 Apr 2006 Mr Nic Beh / Business Manager

Thumb up for Thai Chilly Fish and Crispy Pig Trotter. Lowest price in town. Highly recommended restaurant for excellent food and does not burn your pocket.

7 Mar 2006 Mdm Low Choon Lan / Property

Excellent food and service.

4 Mar 2006 Ms Magdeline Tan

Friendly lady boss who is also the chef. Very good and tasty food, a must try: deep fried garoupa in Thai chilli sauce and the latest on the menu, deep fried pork knuckle – well marinated, tender on the inside but crispy on the outside, simply delicious!

13 Aug 2005 Mr Philip Wong / Director

Tender chicken, savoury fish head, chewy pig’s trotter.

21 May 2005 Mr Wong San / Manager

Excellent Foods. Value for money. Very friendly & courteous lady owner who is also a superb cook. Special mentioned foods are Thai Style Fried Fish, Marmite Pork Ribs, Chao Pai Tofu, Four Season Bean with Crispy Shrimp and Prawn Roll.

3 Nov 2004 Mr Steven Ang / Trading Manager

I have been a regular customer for many years. I like the Thai style steam fish and the claypot fishhead and recently her new dish the “marmite pork ribs”. The lady boss is a good cook and friendly and will always add new dishes in the menu. Next time you go, ask for latest edition. The food is cheap and excellent compared with most restaurants.

24 Oct 2004 Geraldine Khoo / Housewife

French Beans with Dried Shrimps – Crispy, taste not too salty.

Honey Spare Ribs – Best in town, taste is mouthwatering, meat is juicy, you just want more helping.

Best thing about Siang Hee Restaurant – Value for $.

24 Oct 2004 Ng Cheow Kheng / Deputy Director

Four Season Beans – The beans and shrimps are crispy, suitable for adults and children. Marmite Pork Ribs is indeed YUMMY!!!

24 Oct 2004 Graham Anderson / Teacher

Excellent quality, superb value for MONEY. Fresh food and GENEROUS servings!

23 Oct 2004 Jeffrey Pion / IT Consultant

All foods are good! Thai style fish must try!

21 Oct 2004 Sam

I will recommend the Deep Fried Garoupa in Thai sweet chilli sauce and the Claypot Song Fish Head.

20 Oct 2004 Mr Joseph Wan / Resident

Personally, I love most of the food at Siang Hee Restaurant. Our family dine almost twice a week here. My wife love the Hot Plate Chilli Prawns and I love the Zhao Pai Beancurd and Claypot Pork Ribs.

18 Oct 2004 Kwai Shak / M&E Engineer

After trying the Marmite Pork Ribs, my wife and I agreed that it was unique, delicious, meat was tender and fresh, very suitable for kids as well as older age groups. We will definitely recommend this to others.

18 Oct 2004 Ms Christine Thomas / PR & Admin Manager

Ah Yoke cooks up a storm for us – every special occasion of our office will be at her food outlet. Her delicious Four Seasons Beans with Crispy Shrimp, Soft Shell Crab, Coffee Pork Ribs, Marmite Pork Ribs, personally-made “Hei Zhou”
(prawn roll) are among our favourites!!

15 Oct 2004 Mr Wong / Editor

The four mouth-watering dishes:- (Great taste, less oil and healthy)

Marmite pork ribs – meat is tender, well fried and the taste is just nice for the taste buds of most Singaporean.

Zhao pai beancurd – A very healthy dish, beancurd is specially made by the owner. When you bite through the outer layer, you can feel the soft and smooth beancurd. Very shiok feeling!

Four season beans with crispy shrimp – Another healthy dish for the ladies. I liked the crispy shrimp as the taste mixed very well with the veg.

Thai style fried fish – The attractive part is the chilli, very different from others. Fish is fresh and crispy.

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