Goodview Garden Seafood Restaurant

Address: Blk 395A Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, Goodview Gardens #03-01 Singapore 651395

地址:大牌395A,武吉巴督西5道,美景园,门牌#03-01 邮区651395

Time: 3.30pm - 12am

时间:下午3.30 - 凌晨12

Specialty: Seafood Cze Cha, Crab Specialty, Fish Head Steamboat...


In-Charge: Mr Soh / Chef Ng

负责人:Mr Soh / Chef Ng

Contact: 62679058 / 97314819

联系:62679058 / 97314819



About Goodview Garden Seafood Restaurant

Chef Ng is the main chef of "Goodview Garden Seafood Restaurant". He came from Malaysia. The signature dishes of this restaurant are Deep Fried Pork knuckle, Steamed Baba Style Seafood In Hotplate, Thai Style Steamed Red Garoupa, Steamed Malay Chicken and Fish Head Steamboat. "Deep Fried Pork knuckle" is crispy in the outside and soft in the inside. The scent of hay aroma and the hot & sour taste from the green dip sauce will definitely whet your appetite. "Steamed Baba Style Seafood In Hotplate" brings out the sense of hot and sour curry and this will be able to satisfy your taste buds. "Steamed Malay Chicken" is done by adding some herbs, its meat is tender, authentic, is a dish that cannot be missed... .