Adam Fishball Noodle

Address: 2 Adam Road, Adam Road Food Centre #01-25 Singapore 289876


Time: 7.30am - 10pm, Closed on Wednesday

时间:早上7.30 - 晚上10,周三休息

Specialty: Fishball Noodle, Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle, Laksa


Services: Call & collect service.


In-Charge: Jeffrey Kuan

负责人:Jeffrey Kuan

Contact: 96384934




About Adam Fishball Noodle

"Adam Fishball Noodle" has been operating since 1988. Aunty Leng, who is the founder of the stall, had previously worked as a fishball noodle helper in Whitley Food Centre for many years, before deciding to open a fishball noodle stall herself. With the experience, she has created a tasty soup base, hot sambal chilli recipe and uses fresh ingredients for her noodles... .

Back in April 2002, Aunty Leng had suggested her son-in-law, Jeffrey, to work at the stall to learn the trade and skill. In June 2009 Aunty Leng has decided to retire and pass on the stall to 2nd generation - Jeffrey & Wendy. We have improved the soup base and sambal chilli further to a higher level of taste.