Yun Tun Mee

Address: 324T Changi Road, Singapore 419799


Time: 7am - 3.30pm, Closed on Monday

时间:早上7 - 下午3.30,周一休息

Specialty: Char Siew Wanton Noodle, Dumpling Noodle, Chicken Feet Noodle...


In-Charge: Mdm Law

负责人:Mdm Law



About Yun Tun Mee

This sounds simple, only the "Yun Tun Mee" as the sign name of the stall is owned by Mr and Mrs Lim. It was located in Changi Road. Earlier on, we were selling fried oyster and fried carrot cake. The business was fairly well but because of business hours that started from evening to late night, we rarely got time to communicate with our children. In order to spare more time with the children, we decided to switch to selling wanton noodle. We began learning to cook wanton noodle from our cousin and finally mastered the methods and techniques. In 1997, We officially started selling wanton noodle, chicken feet noodle and dumpling noodle.

According to the customers, our wanton noodle has traditional flavor. Eating the wanton noodle reminiscent their childhood time with Grandma and Grandpa eating at the street. Our wanton noodle chili sauce was homemade. We used red chilies, onions, shrimps and etc. as the ingredients and fried until fragran scent. Stir the wanton noodle well with the sauce. Your first bite can sense the tasty noodle and gradually your oral began to feel hot, it was great! The wanton soup is sweet, tasty not salty. It used pig's bones, ikan bilis, soybeans and corn cooked and boiled for hours. Other popular dishes by the customers are chicken feet noodle, dumpling noodle and curry chicken noodle, absolutely cannot be missed as well.