Gu Zao Ren Seafood Taiwan Porridge

Address: 391 Changi Road, Singapore 419842


Time: 11am - 2am

时间:上午11 - 凌晨2

Specialty: Taiwan Porridge, Cze Cha


In-Charge: Mr Hong

负责人:Mr Hong

Contact: 68443302 / 90908655

联系:68443302 / 90908655





Bukit Merah - Blk 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre #01-142 Singapore 150006 Time: 3.30pm – 1am

红山 - 大牌6,惹兰红山,惹兰红山巴刹及熟食中心,门牌#01-142,邮区150006。时间:下午3.30 - 凌晨1

Yishun - Blk 110 Yishun Ring Road #01-401 Singapore 760110 Time: 4pm – 2am

义顺 - 大牌110,义顺环路,门牌#01-401,邮区760110。时间:下午4 - 凌晨2

About Gu Zao Ren Seafood Taiwan Porridge

In the old times of Taiwan, the standard of living is very poor, people can only afford to eat "sweet potato porridge" and not "meat porridge". Today, more and more civilised people understand the importance of good health and have chosen to eat healthy food as this actually helps to clean their stomach and stay a healthy lifestyle.

"Gu Zao Ren Seafood Taiwan Porridge" specialized in selling "sweet potato porridge". We originally started selling pork and chicken congee. Later, we felt that civilised people pay more attention to healthy food and hence we serve sweet potato porridge with light dishes like fish, vegetables... . Our pricing is very economical, we only charge adult 70 cents for the free-flow porridge and free for children. Each light dish is $4 and above, and we offer more than 100 varieties.

Our signature light dishes are Braised Pork in Soya Sauce, Chai-Poh Omelette, Fried Bean Sprout with Salted Fish, Deep Fried Pomfret with Black Bean Sauce, Salted Fish Steamed Pork and so on. Braised Pork in Soya Sauce uses Taiwan flavor to season the pork for a day before stew... smell fragrant, definitely whet your appetite. The meat of Deep Fried Pomfret with Black Bean Sauce is fresh and delicious, the sauce is marvellous too. Customers often ask: "It's so good, do you buy the finest canned pretending you cooked?"