Tao Yuan Cooked Food

Address: Blk 38A Beo Crescent, Beo Crescent Market & Food Centre #01-78 Singapore 169982


Time: 4am - 2pm, Closed on Friday

时间:凌晨4 - 中午2,周五休息

Specialty: Rickshaw Noodle, Nasi Lemak, Economic Bee Hoon


In-Charge: Mr Chee (Hamburger)


Contact: 96567378


Website: http://www.sbestfood.com/taoyuan.htm


About Tao Yuan Cooked Food

Heard of rickshaw noodle? This was one of the "fast food" consumed by the early Singapore rickshaw pullers. One bowl for ten cents, mostly located around the side or corner of the road. At that time, rickshaw pullers need as many passengers as possible in order to make a living. Hence they need to pull fast and eat fast. The cooking of richshaw noodle is easy, just cut the raw noodle into small pieces and cook with the boiled soup, add some cabbage and is done. The soup is stewed by ikan bilis, which gives a good taste. You may add some chili to enhance the taste and eat with a spoon, fast and convenient. That's why it has become an indispensable food for the rickshaw pullers. I've been selling this rickshaw noodle for more than 25 years, it grew with me, given me a unique and beautiful memories. However, most inspire me is the support and praise from my valued-customers.