Ngee Fou Restaurant (Hakka) Ampang Yong Tou Foo

Address: 928 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 787121


Time: 9.30am - 8pm

时间:上午9.30 - 晚上8

Specialty: Yong Tau Foo, Dumpling Soup, Chicken Rice...


Contact: 64521801




About Ngee Fou Restaurant (Hakka) Ampang Yong Tou Foo

We began business in 1973 and specialised in well-known Hakka authentic Ampang yong tau foo. This is the only outlet and we do not have any branches. Customers have supported us throughout the years as we are very concern on the quality of food. We provide the most delicious and fresh Ampang yong tau foo. We ues Batam fish as the main filling for the yong tau foo because its meat is sweet and chewy. With some food processing, the yong tau foo taste more fragrant and yummy. In addition to the authentic Ampang yong tau foo, customers also like our steamed chicken rice, roast chicken rice, roast duck rice and roast meat.