New Lucky Claypot Rice

Address: Blk 44 Holland Drive, Holland Drive Market & Food Centre #02-19 Singapore 270044


Time: 11am - 1.30pm, 5pm - 8.30pm, Closed on Wednesday except Public Holidays

时间:上午11 - 中午1.30,傍晚5 - 晚上8.30,周三休息,除了公共假日

Specialty: Claypot Food, Herbal Soup


Services: Call to order service, need 1 hour advance notice.


Contact: 67787808




About New Lucky Claypot Rice

"New Lucky Claypot Rice" was founded by my father, Mr Choong. Ever since early 1980s until today, we still cook the claypot rice using the traditional charcoal. Although this would take up 45 minutes to an hour of time, the result is worth waiting. The authentic and fragrant taste of the claypot rice is something that you cannot achieve by using the gas-way of cooking. Therefore, it attracted lots of customers even though they have to wait for a longer time.

The signature claypot dishes that you can't miss are Claypot Wu Wei Rice, Claypot Chinese Sausage Rice and Claypot Chicken Rice. Fresh ingredients used and the fine culinary skills will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Other than the claypot rice, customers also like our herbal soup, especially the Salted Vegetable with Pork Ribs Soup, Chicken Feet with Peanut Soup, Black Chicken Soup... and so on.