Razack’s Seafood Kitchen

Address: 324F Changi Road, Singapore 419799


Time: 12.30pm - 10.30pm, Closed on Tuesday

时间:中午12.30 - 晚上10.30,周二休息

Specialty: Seafood Cze Cha, Char Siew Wanton Noodle, Dim Sum...


In-Charge: Mr Razack

负责人:Mr Razack

Contact: 96916982 / 94762278

联系:96916982 / 94762278

Website: http://www.sbestfood.com/razacksseafoodkitchen.htm

网站: http://www.sbestfood.com/razacksseafoodkitchen.htm

About Razack’s Seafood Kitchen

"Razack's Seafood Kitchen" has been established since 1995. We specialized in Cantonese and Sichuan style halal cuisine served with healthy concept, ie. less oil and less salt. Our signature dishes are Stir Fried Shredded Chicken with Dried Chilli, Ma Po Tau Fu, Sauteed Spicy Eggplants, Cereal Soft Shall Crabs, Scallop Dumplings, Cantonese Dim Sum and many more. So far, we have been featured in Suria TV programmes and recommended by local print medias. Do visit us and try our favourable dishes and we are sure that you will love them!