Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee

Address: 7 Maxwell Road, Amoy Street Food Centre #02-95 Singapore 069111


Time: 5am - 3.30pm

时间:凌晨5 - 下午3.30

Specialty: Coffee & Tea, Kaya Charcoal Toast Bread


Services: Call & collect service.


In-Charge: William Wong

负责人:William Wong

Contact: 97102907


Website: http://www.sbestfood.com/ahsengcoffee.htm


About Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee

My father took over "Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee" from my grandfather when he was 17 years old. At that time, the coffee stall was located in Lau Pa Sat Festival Market. In 1997, "Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee" moved to the current Amoy Street Food Centre. Since young, he was helping my grandfather to run the coffee stall business, he has learnt the skills and techniques in brewing traditional Hainanese coffee and toasting bread with charcoal. These laid a strong and solid foundation for his future development.

Today, "Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee" is very well-known in Amoy Street. The Japanese magazine, Mangosteen Club has recommended our stall for a few times and tourists from Japan, Europe and America like to patronize our stall as well as our local dignitaries.

We selected the finest coffee beans, grounded into powder and then fried it over. In this way, the fragrant smell of the coffee will release into the atmosphere when brewed. French toast is one of the signature dish. The bread is coated entirely by eggs and toasted with charcoal. It was then served with homemade kaya. The French toast taste yummy and it goes well with the sweet but not greasy kaya. The kaya toast bread is another signature dish that cannot be missed and Singaporeans love it so much. Crispy bread with tasty butter and kaya plus two half-boiled eggs is the best choice for a good starting day.