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You Tiao Man

Address: Blk 127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh #02-05 Singapore 310127

Time: 6am - 2pm

Specialty: Dough Fritter


1) Free delivery service in Toa Payoh with minimum order $50. Other delivery points are subject to locations.

2) Supply dough fritter to food stalls like rojak, congee, dessert, cze cha, pork ribs soup and etc.

In-Charge: Mr Yew

Contact: 81893639


About You Tiao Man

"You Tiao Man" is currently operating by the third generation. I remember when I was five, I began to promote you tiao in my mother's you tiao stall. Ever since from young, I was attracted and had a strong interest in doing this as a business... and now I'm here, fulfilling my dream. Our you tiao recipe came from Putian City, Fujian Province of China. I was very particular in both the you tiao materials as well as the food processing. I will carefully handle from stirring the you tiao powder, making the you tiao dough to frying the you tiao, so as to achieve high standard and good reputation. Hence a lot of well-known rojak stalls approach me and order my you tiao. I would like to thanks all my friends and customers for your support. Thank you!

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1 Apr 2012 Amanda / Student

This youtiao reminds me of my childhood so much. I have been going to this stall for over 20 years, since I was a kid. Really good food for a reasonable price (70 cents per youtiao) in a traditional market place. The owner has been in business for over 60 years, and they handmake their youtiao and it tastes especially good! The youtiao is light and fluffy and not too much meat. Besides youtiao, they also sell butterfly bun (a must try!), red bean bun, green bean bun. The butterfly bun is flavorful and the boss is always extra generous with the sesame seeds.

Also, 2 stalls down they sell dou hua, so you can combine these 2 for the yummilicious dou jiang you tiao! Right now I am in the US, and whenever I think of homemade breakfast, I think of this stall in Toa Payoh Lor 1 dou jiang you tiao, the place I grew up in my childhood. I would highly recommend everyone go to this bustling and traditional market, one of the few good places left in Singapore where they hand make youtiao!

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25 Mar 2012 编辑部


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